Is it better to go to a (bakery)college or school?


im 18 and turing 19 on october

ill be graduation from high school around june and getting my license close to july

and my dream is to become a pastry chef that can go around the whole world and cook in anywhere i want!?

well.. im gonna put that to aside and go for a normal<<

here and there pastry chef that can decorate and bake cakes~ and design bread and little cute cake-like stuff to make it pretty and all 😀 wow i can’t even put it in words sorry

but.. i know that it’s going to very very costly..

and my family is very poor…

so im gonna get a job!! right after graduation!

in a bakery of course!

but later on..just later on?

(right now parents yelling at me to go to college)

would it be smarter to just go to college?? NOVA

i live in virginia- and transfer? to another place?

or should i just go to a BAKERY SCHOOL

where they just teach you every little thing about baking and making cakes and all~

do colleges teach you all that too??

when people say TAKE CULINARy

i think of just… learning the rules~ and maybe colors and simple basic stuff about food!

am i wrong?

won’t they teach the basics in school too?

bakery school things is much more expensive i heard

but wouldn’t that be better no??

i don’t think i can afford to go to college + school

or i’l probably be 40 already LOL

im…just so STUCK

i don’t even know what i should do anything

im so stuck that i dont’ even know what to think about!

can anyone help me?? step by step life instruction?

which i will deviate from and succeed??

i just love the «JUST BAKED BREAD» smell that you just breathe~~~in and let out

and the colorful little things that go all over your cake

and the detailed decorations that just fills your eyes

T_T i can’t get away from it…

i’ve always been into art

but my parents really really didn’t want me to go there..

bcuz they said that art = hard to make money

oh yea.. and if i one day get all the bakery + cake things in my head??

would it be better to work under someone?

do i need to get some kkind of license for that? to bake?

or set up my own place and be a «ONLY CAKE» maker

kind of thing?? i don’t know anything so i can’t put it in good words im sorry :0

im probably gonna be starting at the cash register and the dishes if i go get a job after highschool right?

but then will they let me bake one day? or take my things that i make and go let them taste it?? …

someone HELP?


I would suggest you telephone the specialist bakeries and some of the posh restaurants who would have a chef de patisserie (big four star hotels), and get a chance to speak to some of the people there about how they got to where they are today. Maybe even shadow them for a day to learn what their job is like.

Then I suggest you contact the bakery schools you are interested in and find out what things are the best preparation for students — i.e. is it good to have a year or two as a kitchen hand first. Also find out if there are baking scholarships.

I know from experience that passion for a subject takes you a hell of a long way in this world, so you are already one step ahead, but you need to do some research about the best way.

Traditionally, bakeries would have apprentices to learn the skills — so it might be worth asking at the bakeries if they would consider apprenticing you. You would be on rubbish wages as an apprentice but they have to ensure you can get training to advance in your career.

When you have done proper training, then you might need to do some night school in business management before you took a scheme to the bank about a business of your own, but core to your training whether it would be in an apprenticeship or at a bakery school will be the training around food safety and handling you would need to be safe running a business from a food handling perspective.

Good luck — I was a so-called academic student in high school and scandalized the head of school by insisting on doing home economics to a senior school level. Had the best fun in that class I have ever had at school. I am now a dietitian, but my food handling skills are at a professional cook level, and it makes such a huge difference when I am advising clients and organizations on how to put into place healthy eating in their menus.


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