How long does your first Y/A suspension last?


Recently one of my Y/A accounts (I have many) was recently suspended for no other reason than the Almighty Y/A Demi-Gods were restless and bored…It’s my first time (wow, I haven’t said that in YEARS), and I was just wondering how long before I get my original account back?

By the way, whatever happened to freedom of expression and embracing different points of view? (That’s a rhetorical question, but you may answer if you so choose too)



Suspension is the same as Deletion. It’s gone forever.

It’s trolls, I know. The best thing to do is to repeal the decision. In your repeal, ask for an explanation of why it was deleted, and what part of Yahoo Community Guidelines you broke. If you didn’t break any, then they’ll restore it, because they won’t be able to provide reasoning for it.

It’s happened to me LOTS of times. This is my 5th account in 3 years.

And yes, people have freedom of expression, but not when it becomes harassment. People call me names everyday because I’m gay and then say that it has to do with freedom of speech. But if I were to call a girl a sl*t, then it would be different to them. You can say whatever you want, but you cannot harass and abuse them. The reason is because if you’re allowed to just call people names whenever you want, then it’ll get to the point where it’ll be okay to kill people in society because you’re mad at them because of — freedom of expression.


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