Does he like me? Dont be skeptical.?


Ok, so theres this guy… I’ve liked for a realllly lonnng time. since the start of 2009. well, we had a fight a few weeks after we really started talking. and well.. it broke off. he got a girlfriend, and i mean, when they first started dating, they were together a lot, but now, you dont see them talking to each other. i guess these past months he’s done various things to me- like always trying to be close to me, complimenting on my absolute favorite band like a foot away from me (not saying it directly to me), and wearing my sunglasses. then,i actually decided to talk to him since january. he said we could talk as we walk to the gym. then he made an excuse to go to the bathroom, so of course i thought he was bailing on me to get away. but he didnt. i walked a little, and then i saw him coming, so i went back. i told him i thought he bailed, and he was like no, i had to pee. we didnt talk the entire time we walked to gym. incredibly awkward.

wow thats a lot. what do you guys think i should do?


well he either wants to be reli gd mates or hav an r’ship so id wait a while and if he dumps his gf then you can think about getting together with him 🙂

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