Wow major friend problems.. help?


Alright, school was rather hectic today. Not to mention unbearable.. READ ON, please!!

Ok so my friend, let’s call her Tina, was a bit upset today because her boyfriend, Nathan, was flirting with other girls. She eventually broke up with him today, but the thing that bothers me is — he’s purposely flirting with my girlfriend — right in front of me — I tell him to stop — yet he doesn’t. He sits with us in every single class not to mention lunch, and when we tell him to go away and leave us alone, he can’t do that either. He says you can’t make me move, or its a free country. He’s also really rude and ignorant. He spreads rumors that people are cutting themselves, too. What do I do? My friends won’t even do a simple thing and I’m so tempted to find a new group of people to hang out with. What do I do?


Well why don’t you find a new group of people to hang out with. There really isn’t anything wrong with that. I mean if your friend is being like that he isn’t really a friend. Don’t ditch your good friends, but find some new nicer ones. When your friend notices you don’t wanna hang out with him then that would be the time to tell him how annoying and mean he is. That would hopefully change him…but if it doesn’t then he isn’t worth your time.

And as for the flirting thing, as long as your girlfriend doesn’t fall for your friend then you don’t have to worry. She probably understands that your friend is a jerk. If you do think she might fall for him, then talk to your girlfriend. But I’m pretty sure that won’t be a problem.

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