AT&T basic versus WoW. My comp vs WoW?


I will pick best answer.

I have AT&T basic high speed. Will that be impossible, poor, adequate, good, great or superb for playing WoW and its expansions.

I would like a great or superb no lag experience. please advise

Also my computer is very old. I was wondering if I ought to upgrade or just buy a new computer (if possible please advise some with a budget under 1600$, oh a laptop)

Here are the specs:

COMPAQ FP17 Flat Panel Monitor on VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP

Hewlett Packard Pavillion AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3000+ 2.10 GHZ 448 MB of RAM

Windows XP Home Edition version 2002 service pack 3

if im missing any specs please tell me and ill be sure to add them in.

Thank you very much. And I will pick best answer


I have that connection speed as well, and I am able to play WoW decently enough, though I haven’t gotten my microphone communication to work yet. There has been some choppy like behavior while playing in areas pretaining to the latest expansion to the game. The drawbacks to the AT&T connection speed you have is a rather long time for downloading updates and patches for the game. (I am talking several hours), as well as not being able to use add-on programs with the game. (They help but aren’t absolutely essential) I think that my microphone communication not working has to do with the basic high speed connection I have too. If you are doing PvE (player versus environment) type gaming, it doesn’t matter so much about not being able to talk to others. You can still communicate with others by typing words that display on the screen in the lower left hand corner. With PvP (player versus player), the voice communication would be much more important, because that involves working with others in groups moreso. And when you are in the middle of some heated action, trying to communicate with others by typing doesn’t work so well. PvE allows for more of a solo type of playing style. (I haven’t tried real hard actually yet to get my microphone to working to be honest with you, since I have been doing more of a PvE solo type of gaming anyway) One of the reasons WoW has become as popular as it has become, probably has to do with it being playable across a wide variety of systems with different hardware and software configurations, and not necessarily requiring a NASA supercomputer to even play. It sounds like you might ought to buy another computer though. Have one made by the way by someone who knows how to make gaming computers. I wouldn’t go with the over the counter computers you see for sale in department stores. For the amount of money you are talking about that should be entirely possible. You might consider dowloading the basic WoW game (free ten day trial version I am referring to) with the computer you have, just to see if it would work. Without the expansions added it just may work on your older computer. If you know for sure that you really want to play the game, then go ahead and get another computer. You wouldn’t want to go through the dowloading of updates and patches again, believe me.


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