How to be a great swimmer?


Okay so it is almost summer, and I can’t wait until I go to Wildwood! (New Jersey). There is a ride that has a pool that is 10 ft. deep. And is only for good swimmers. I can swim, but I am not great, I am slow at swimming to so everyone will be waiting for me to leave the pool.I am not an adult but not a kid, so yeah. I want to learn to swim better, not super sonic fast, just at a good rate. Last year, I went on the ride and I was fine, but I felt like I was going to drown. No, I am not chubby, I am fit and have a average weight for my age, sometimes underweight because of an illness. I don’t know why but swimming takes a lot of energy away, I use so much energy then I get a few inches. Wow. But I want to be able to swim better. So life will just be easier. I am 5.2 or something like that so if that helps. Technics or ways to help will be Fine, I am not looking to be Michel Phelps I just want to be quick and have it a breeze, thanks


i’d say you should go to a public pool or find any pool that you have easy access to (pool at your friend’s house, gym) and practice. I am guessing that you won’t do backstroke and butterfly at that place, so it seems to me that you want to improve your freestyle.

Before I start, i’d like to say that swimming drains your energy quickly because it’s so reliant on one part of your body: your shoulders. Try doing some sort of lifting or push ups to improve your shoulder strength, as this will make a big difference in improving your speed.

Kay, so now I’ll give you some tips on how to swim freestyle better

-make sure when you kick you don’t bend your knees to far in, this will drain your leg energy and a shorter, faster kick will take you much farther.

-extend your arm as far as you can out, and when you pull, try doing it with more force, and cup your hands

-to pull efficiently, move your arm slightly outward (like breaststroke) and then pull the water towards your chest, and once it’s pretty close extend your arm the other way and bring it back up (it’s like an ‘S’ motion)

this will take time, and don’t worry if you get frustrated

by the way, if you plan on swimming underwater, an important part is to glide as much as you can, and for the breast stroke kick, bring your heels to your butt and then kick outwards and bring your legs in.

hope this helped

swimmer on high school swim team


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