Okay so my now ex-friend?


okayy soo… i had this BEST friend, who lives 5-6 minutes away walking.

We used to do everything together…she is one grade older then me, making her 15 and i am 14. (but we were born in the same year, she is only 8 months older)

So we used to be reallyy tight and never fought, then she reached high school and i was still in 8th grade and we started to split.

Now this year i am a freshman and she is a sophmore.

I started ignoring her because she would use lines liek «wow, you really dont have a life do you?» because i would do extra on my biology assignment. she thinks she is so much better cause she has less time on her hands and because she plays softball. (which people say she sucks at softball).

She talks about me all the time. I used to ignore it but now i am really stepping up for myself.

But now, after a month of no talking she is spreading really bad rumors like «Katie is such a lesbo» ( which i am not ). or «Katie is a fat loser which no guy likes her» ( which is also not true because i have been asked out 4 times, she is the one who has never been asked out )

I stil ignore it today, it doesnt bother me she is talking about me…but its when i am asked if its true… should i confront her?

i am scared if i confront her i am going to hit her and get suspended. Idk what to do, but this has to stop.

And if i dont get help soon, i am going to be getting in a whole lot of trouble in my school!!!

lol. Plz help.


If she keeps making fun if you, she is just jealous, and other people will see that. Dont make yourself look bad by hitting her, just show yourself as a good person who doesnt care what she thinks. My friend gets made fun of all the time and she knows it, but people go on her side because they know she is acutaly really cool!


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