Is this possible, wow it was amazing?

I am 23 weeks pregnant with my baby boy.
Yesterday I lied down and he kicked 2 times,I was listening music with Ipod then I put one hearing on my belly,he started kicking me more.
i laughed to much how he was aware of that,my baby is very smart and inteligent.
But i don’t know what exactly want to tell me,does he like the music and start dancing or maybe I disturb him and intented to tell me to stop the music?

That’s great!

Isn’t their kicking the best thing?

Kicking means he’s active … that’s a good thing. He probably liked the music 🙂

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Any national tournaments or tests?

I am in 10th grade and want to go to standford university. Besides aiming for a perfect on the SAT and ACT and community service and a relativly good GPA I was wondering if there are any national tournaments or olympiad that I could participate in like the National Chemistry Olympiad or any compition that would wow collages if I do?

First of all, it would be good to learn to spell.

It is «Stanford» not «standford».

Do not think that you can get by with just a «relatively good» GPA. It must be as close to a 4.0 as possible. Actually, it should be a 4.0.

If you are just now considering entering the Olympiads such as the Physics, Math, Chemistry, and Biology, I would study hard. You’re underestimating your competition already. You have to be in top 20 to 50 kids in all of America in that certain subject. Can you do that? I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it’s certainly improbable.

If you still think that you want to put your time into doing Olympiads, here are the links.






Good luck.

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O wow help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… i pooted my car away?

i was driving, and my car ran out of gas, and the only gas i had was from baked beans i had eaten earlier, so i opened up the gas tank and pooted till no end..i pooted so much i had to change my diaper…then i got my laptop out of the back seat and i kicked the car and it started going really fast cus of all the gas…now i dont have a car i just have my laptop, but good thing im out of poots, cus my gas mask is under my bed….what should i do

Ayyy MikeS! Whats cracka lackin?? Your car will come back hovering…just give it some time

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My life is ruined and I am just sick and tired of it.?

Hello 🙂 I am 13.
Basically, I will try to make this as short and simple as possible.
Let us go back a few years shall we?

About 4-5 years ago, my mom and dad are divorced, but they somewhat get back together by getting along ALOT! Like right after they made up like 3 days later we went on a vacation together and they were pretty much sleeping in the same bed, remember they are divorced.

Then like 2-3 years later, in 07, my mom worked as a social worker, and it was a very good paying job for her because she is excellent in it and can make the most of it, my dad is a contractor and he needed my moms help in what she did, so he told her to move her office to where we live now, Burbank, from Van Nuys. He also told us to move our house from Encino to Burbank as well since he lived here and I could go to school here.

What we didn’t know is is that the house he bought here, for himself, he had demolished it to build a huge ****ing mansion, for him, my evil grandma and my grandpa who my dad used for like all the building and stuff.

My dad also after my 5th grade graduation (in 07) bought a brand new BMW, the 650 I think, which was a stunning car. He BOUGHT it, because since my mom had basically given up her job to go work for him, had helped him become where he is today, since he is too dumb to be able to do all that paperwork, and he had bought like 5 properties and sold them and had been building houses and condos for others, and made a huge load of money. He still has like 3 of those condos which he owns and he collects rent, he already retired and he goes on vacation all around the world, I will get back to this shortly :).

Basically another thing we didn’t know is, was that he had a girlfriend who is a wh*r*, trust me I am not making this up, I kind of eavesdropped on my mom talking about this and in fact my moms friend, was, IN FACT, my dads girlfriends, ‘boyfriend’ but like basically they had sex together and he payed her. The way we found out was that my dad was becoming a big d*uche to me and my mom, and then he would dress up nicely and come over to our house for like 15 minutes then leave suddenly and told us he was going to his friends house.

PSHH like I would actually believe that! Then we found out about his gf and then while we were in the proccess of moving to burbank, I was using his adress (his mansion is already built and I slept there for like 2 months until we moved) to go to school in burbank.
My dads girlfriend CALLED my school and told them I wasn’t living in burbank and this caused a huge drama and it was hard for me to stay in the school. What she had in mind was, get me out of the district, get me out of my dads house, move her and her son in, and let him go to school in the district using my dads address :). I am pretty sure that is enough drama for her to be called a beey*tch.

When we moved here (finally) our house back in Encino got caught in a little trouble with the bank. This is already in 2008 now btw.
My mom had basically lost her job, my dad refused to pay her for her services, he didn’t pay us as his family so he can support us AS his family, even though they were not legally together, I am still his son.
My mom couldn’t afford the house back at Encino and it eventually got foreclosed. At that point my mom was devastated, my dad was living in a palace with the best life ever, at age 46. He is basically a millionaire now and him and his new wife (and sometimes son) go to Europe and all those type of places together like every 3 months or so. Let us fast forward to the present.

Basically my grandma, ever since I was born (on my dads side btw) has been telling everyone that I am not his son, that I am nobody and just a donor child. I really couldn’t believe she would do something like this… Anyways last time when my dad and I got into a fight, my grandma was yelling at him telling him why is he bringing ME here, at his house, like I am some sort of stranger and that I am not his child, and that it isn’t my house? WTF! Also my dad likes to pretend like I am not his child now as well, can you believe it?

Also today I found out the house we live in right now in Burbank, got foreclosed and that we have about a month until we move out. Yipee!

I love my dad so much 🙂 he is such a good dad, I mean he acts like a father not only to me but every other child as well! <3. /sarcasm.

Also my mom is almost disabled and she has alot of pain and she can barely go to and come from work each day. It has been about, well all my life that my dad hasn’t paid a single cent for me or my mom or my education. Did you know that also after I was born, that he abused my mom because he wanted the money that was used for me and her while I was in her tummy (which was about $25k) back? He said my mom only gave birth to me so she could rip him off. Wow…. I was also born premature at 6 months and my unborn sister and brother died a few days before my mom gave birth to

Your hurt, you have every reason to be. No family should act that way, especially the parents. We all make mistakes,but this sounds like a lifetime of selfishness on his part and his new wife needs to shut her hole and let you and your dad have things just between the 2 of you. You know a lot. Your mom shares with you things that may be just a little too painful. My guess would be your 19? A gnarly age in many ways. Make things as positive as you can for yourself.
If he remains to act like an *** with her, step back and take care of you. It sound like you help your mom which is awesome. I hope she is getting all the assistance she can, it truly helps, when your ex drops the ball.

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What’s new game, something exciting?

I want something new, and exciting.
Not WoW, Not Halo 3, not CoD, something new. preferably a MMORPG on the computer.

Try Shaiya
or another aeria game

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Do you think I had a right to tell my sister that she was being a biznitch?

I wanted to go get some things from the grocery store and my sister was like «oh come pick me up before you go cause I’m bored and need to do something». So, I went and picked her up.

While we were there we saw this chunky girl with a broken arm. This girl kept looking at us the entire time, like serious staring. My sister in a really loud voice goes and says «WTH is that broken muffin top staring at». I was like «OMG, I can’t believe you just said that». The girl heard her and everything.

On the way home she was still acting stupid. At a red light we stopped next to a not so attractive old man. She looked over at him and was like «ewwwww what a scary ugly boater he is» and the guy did nothing wrong. Like it’s a freakin crime to be ugly.

Yet, again at another red light we stopped at she made another rude comment. There was this woman in the car next to us who had her hair in a messy bun. Both our cars had the windows rolled down. My sister looked at her and burst out into laughter and was like «Wow, what pretty hair». The lady in the car heard her and took her hair out of the bun and started fingering through it trying to fix it.

Finally I had enough so I was like «WTF, I had no clue you were such a huge biznitch». She got mad at me and told me I was out of line. Don’t you think I had more than enough reason to say it?

To be honest I don’t see your behavior as wrong at all. She was being obnoxious and you had the right to call her on it. You weren’t as tactful as you could’ve been but you’re her sister and after being so thoroughly embarrassed, such is understandable.

It sounds to me like your sister needs to learn some self-control, if anything, she was the one out of line the whole way through your outing. I’d have told her flat out if she acted like that again, or continued to act out like that, I would not be picking her up again to go out shopping, etc. with.

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Wow-What the heck- This lady is crazy!?

I just read this. And I feel bad for the poor baby. What do you think?

And I can’t believe he actually did it! And people are laughing about it!

Am I the only one who thinks its wrong?…

I think this comment summed it up nicely!:

«Dear Dierks, if a fan asked you to jump off a bridge, would you? Then why would you do something else you believe to be wrong just because a fan asks you to? Yes, as someone said, idiotic mother. But is her request more idiotic than the person who actually did what she asked?»

Exactly. He(Dierks) obviously knew it wasn’t the brightest thing to do and, yet, he still went with it. And what mother asks someone to sign her BABY’S HEAD? Good grief.

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